Mahindra Logistics
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Executive Assistant - Business Head (PTS)

The bosses let you maintain the work-life balance perfectly. Never has been my personal life disturbed because of work. If business needs you to work till late one day, it is very well compensated on the other day.

I am really happy with the senior management I have interacted with. I believe it's the culture at MLL because of which everybody from irrespective of levels or grades is very approachable, warm and supportive.

There are tremendous opportunities to learn at MLL.

With all the functions working so closely and with management's support, finding out your area of interest and moving into other roles in the organization becomes easy.


Ajay Kalyankar
Manager (Strategy)

The work culture at MLL is very open. Everyone from the top to the bottom level is easily approachable and open for suggestions / feedback.

The senior management possesses superior industry knowledge and expertise and that being guided and mentored by them while working in MLL is an enriching experience in itself.

I believe that MLL has wide scope of operations which provide for a lot of opportunities boosting one’s growth and development.


Sneha Kenkre
Manager - Control Tower (E-commerce)

Working with MLL has been a truly wonderful experience. Like everyone else, life at MLL has been a learning curve which has helped me grow both professionally and personally. Everyone in the company is very resourceful and quality driven. Even when faced with challenges, there has always been someone around to help me overcome them. The thing that I like most about the company is that MLL treats employees as the company's core strength, while giving equal importance to customers, vendors, environment and society.

The management at MLL promotes empowerment, innovation, diversity and work-life balance with opportunities for growth being merit based. Everyone from the management makes you feel needed, respected and valued which has led to the development of highly result-oriented and dynamic teams.

The training provided at MLL increases job satisfaction and morale among employees motivating employees to perform better.