Mahindra Logistics


Being an asset-light company, Mahindra Logistics works with many Business Partners who bring in various assets and are vital to our growth. Our main Business Partners are the ones who provide us with vehicles, warehouses, and manpower. We generally have a long-term business relationship with our partners. A number of our business partners have grown and developed their businesses with us. As of now, we worked closely with over 1,350 business partners across our Supply chain management and People transport solution businesses. Our Policy is to create an ecosystem focusing on the holistic development of the Business Partners thereby providing customer delight and enabling our businesses to RISE

For any Business Partnership related enquires kindly email us at [email protected]


  • Transportation – Truck owners, Truck and Fleet Aggregators – For direct assistance email on [email protected] 
  • Manpower – Manpower service provider at warehouses/production units - For direct assistance email on [email protected]
  • People transport – Passenger vehicle owners and Aggregators - For direct assistance email on [email protected]
  • Warehousing – Warehouse owners - For direct assistance email on [email protected] 


The special Business Partner Program of Mahindra Logistics Limited is aimed at engaging Business Partners, throughout their journey of association with the Company. We have set up a business partner development and loyalty program to expand our existing network of business partners as well as to incentivize our existing business partners to contribute more assets while improving service quality and performance. We train our business partners and their employees on topics such as customer service skills, communication skills, and etiquette. We conduct periodic reviews with all business partners where quality, compliance, reliability and their business expansion plans are discussed. Our business partners’ engagement program seeks to develop and maintain strong ties with all business partners. Our Leadership team personal interact with all our business partners via sessions like "Chai Pe Charcha", "Coffee with Phil (CEO)" and "Maan Ki Baat" through these sessions all are able to connect and share their ideas and suggestions. We also recognize our business partners through annual awards. 

The company takes special initiatives in providing value-added services to business partners like Fuel card, Mahindra Financial Service, Mahindra Holidays and many more. To effectively run this program, Mahindra Logistics Limited has a Business Partner Cell. This cell handles the entire life-cycle of the business partners covering engagement, development, data management, complaint management etc.

In our People transport solution business, we have also focused on multiple initiatives to incentivize drivers of our business partners. One such initiative is our focus on developing driver-cum-owner (DCO) business partners to meet our future needs. Such DCOs own and maintain their own vehicles, which they make available to us to support our operations. The induction, operation, and control of DCOs is facilitated and automated through the use of technology.