Mahindra Ridge


The Control Tower Operations (CTO) at MLL is the nerve centre of everything we do. The track of all movements, goods or passengers is taken care of, round the clock, by the CTO. The key activities of the CTO are:

  • Status tracking of each vehicle.
  • Addressing any concerns of the passenger or drivers.
  • Responding to emergencies through multiple mechanisms.
  • Informing all stakeholders on various activities like:
    1. In transit Delays (with reasons)
    2. Departure status
    3. Expected time of arrival at destination
    4. Delivery status

All the vehicles deployed are GPS enabled which gives the CTO the exact location status of the vehicle. Any deviation from the set route plan or delays beyond a point of time are highlighted at the CTO. Upon this, the CTO immediately reaches out to the concerned vehicle to understand the reason for such aberration and guides them accordingly.

These state-of-the-art features and processes have helped MLL CTO earn the reputation of a “Proactive Communicator” and are relied upon equally by the drivers, passengers and customers.