Mahindra Ridge


We cater to the employee transportation needs of enterprise customers by providing regular Pick-up and Drop services. Our solutions are fully IT enabled – we can offer in house or customized solutions to every need.

Our asset-light model gives us flexibility & scalability whilst allowing us to focus on our core competence of integrating resources and providing a one-stop solution to our customers’ people transport needs



We make our customers' people transport needs our priority following these beliefs:

  1. End to End Employee transportation management solution – from Roster management, fleet management and Billing
  2. Modular offerings - Only Fleet management service / Transport Desk / IT services
  3. Flexibility – Fleet mix and volume changes to accommodate customers business requirement
  4. Safety and Security – Driver and Vehicle compliance monitoring with Emergency Response Cell for ensuring safety of employees using state of the art technology



  1. Transport helpdesk management
  2. Fleet Management Services
  3. Roster Management Services
  4. Route and Vehicle Planning & execution 
  5. Vehicle tracking & Alert management
  6. Vehicle and Driver compliance management
  7. Fleet services cover various fleet mix from small car, SUV, Sedan, TT, Bus of various seating capacities and working hours

Facts & Figures

More than 200 customer operating sites

More than 5000 vehicles deloplyed every day

Moves more than 50000 employees everyday

MLL Advantage

Strong Governance and Data Integrity

Route and Fleet Optimization

Emergency Response Team at each city level for handling any type of operational emergencies


Control Tower
Control Tower