Mahindra Logistics
Mahindra Logistics

Why Mahindra?

Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (MLL), one of India’s fastest growing integrated logistics companies, provides comprehensive third party Supply Chain and People Transport Solutions to some of the most successful companies in the world. MLL is the largest company in the field of automotive logistics. When it comes to e-commerce too, MLL has the capability to offer game-changing solutions for clients. We serve our customers in global markets in domains that include Consumer & Pharmaceuticals, by providing creative, cost-effective, technology-enabled solutions that continuously meet and exceed our customers’ expectations,as well as fulfil their needs resourcefully and distinctively, thereby enhancing stakeholder value.

Total Technology Solutions

One of the key strengths of MLL is its best-in-class technology for complete visibility. Our technology-driven Warehouse Management System (WMS) can also be used with mobile / handheld devices for remote access by operators to receive and respond to system-driven work instructions. Barcode scanning helps improve data capture, providing accurate, on-time and online inventory visibility and productivity. WMS also makes it possible to view inventory across multiple warehouses in real time, optimize space utilization and ensure 99.99% uptime. We also lay great emphasis on security by conducting periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing; followed by subsequent incorporation of security patches.

Through our Route Planning & Optimization Engine, we ensure minimization of transportation cost while adhering to threshold service levels, delivery time windows, load factor utilization, road traffic conditions, and allocation rules based on share of business. Our self-service portal provides access to customers and business associates. This helps maximize transparency by enabling direct access to the TMS platform (reports, live status updates). This is done through customizable data views while ensuring optimum data privacy and security.

Process-driven Operations

At MLL, we have well laid-out process-driven operations, which are governed by SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring, daily MIS (Management Information System) and DWM (Daily Wage Management).

The Mahindra Way

MLL’s Culture of Innovation encompassing Kaizen, Quality Projects, Contests, etc. is another key differentiator. The Mahindra Way (TMW) prides itself on its Quality Focus. It also offers an integrated approach to continuous improvement. TMW extends beyond the quality of our services to promote excellence in all:

          o functions,

          o processes and

          o operations and thereby achieves the business objectives efficiently.

MLL’s approach to achieve quality and excel in processes, functions and operation has successfully led over 14,000 Kaizen initiatives, over 70 Quality circles, over 180 Mahindra Yellow Belts and 4 Green Belts projects. MLL leverages EDGE, its Service Level Agreement Management Software, to strengthen adherence to KPIs with real time monitoring and transparency at work. MLL follows the standardization through implementation of robust processes in line with the adoption of the TMW Model (The Mahindra Way Corporate Business Excellence Model)

Compliance Management

Being a Mahindra & Mahindra Group company, Mahindra Logistics believes in 100% compliance on all fronts.

Best Practices

To learn more about the cross-exposure to various operations, horizontal deployment of best practices, our highly trained manpower and to read related Case Studies, please click here.

Internal Review Mechanism

Our very strong and robust internal review mechanism helps us maintain high levels of preparedness.


MLL is proud of its strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. Due to our deep belief and commitment to CSR and Sustainability, we also involve our Business Associates (BA’s) and Partners in these initiatives. For example, we hold recognition, training and engagement programs that cover all of our 1500 plus partners. We also organize learning and development programs for our BA’s and their employees.

Our Driver Welfare Programs have benefited over 50000 drivers through initiatives such as rewards & recognitions, skill development, health check-ups and safety training. We also offer scholarships for drivers’ children and even celebrate their birthdays. Driver’s Day celebrations are also an important part of these initiatives. Through our Community Welfare initiatives, we were able to get 2241 colleagues to complete 115 activities in the areas of health, education, community development, environment, driver’s welfare, rural development and relief work / contribution.

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