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What will automotive industry gain from the GST

The automotive industry in India is gearing up to realign its business to not only adapt to the oncoming GST regime but also to reap benefits from this indirect tax reform. There are several areas where it stands to gain, important ones being in management of supply chain, cash flow, pricing and profitability.

MLL understands that the automotive industry is well up on GST and its implications, but what it needs is a logistics partner who can support them in every stage of the complex GST implementation. MLL has a distinctive competitive edge here because of Mahindra Group’s pre-eminent leadership in the automotive industry itself apart from other key areas including information technology and conveyors.

With its ultra-modern logistics infrastructure, MLL can help the industry bring in enhanced operational efficiencies in logistics, distribution, consolidation of suppliers as well as warehouse consolidation. The reassurance of MLL’s GST-ready services is further reinforced by the network of strategically located medium to lage format warehouses and four proposed multiuser, large format (1,50,000 sq. feet upwards) , state of the art warehouses, located centrally at Delhi (Gurgaon), Bengaluru, Nagpur and Pune.

These warehouses are pre-engineered of 9 to 10 m eaves height and 5 ton floor capacity with automated stacking, good ventilation and ample parking space for trucks, two-wheelers and visitors, in addition to NBC-compliant fire hydrant systems. This is backed by power supply with 100% DG back up, LED lights and other amenities like washrooms, drivers’ rooms, security rooms and property management office. We can also help your business become more cost-effective by automating practices with the help of butlers and sorters systems that help reduce order fulfilment and inventory replenishment time; and bring in tracking and real-time route optimization by using Internet of Things.

MLL network can also help you achieve consolidation and distribution through cross-docks, conversion of part loads to full loads, reduction in transit time and overall reduction in logistics cost. Along with that, we have innovative and result-oriented solutions for the industry from experience of 35 in-plant operations or value-added services of packaging, bundling, labeling, etc. in warehouses across the country.

Our services are supported by technologies like WMS, TMS and Control Tower which help you stay in control of your assets and distribution. It lets you define a set of rules that control item management and auto generate reports such as stock snapshot, ageing report, GRN and issue report A mobile-based WMS application can be used to ensure visibility of work at all times, reduce errors and ensure real time updation.

At MLL, we can boast of another competitive edge---- our highly synergistic partner alliances in areas such as packaging, Hi-Tech warehousing equipment & solution etc. Through it, we bring to the table state-of-the-art automation a decisive boost to your productivity.

MLL will also meet your changing transport requirements by leveraging its pan-India network and wide fleet with a variety of truck types and provide the most optimal truck type for your transportation needs, through our Route optimization software (RoutePro), we can design routes to optimise distribution and improve asset utilization. Our Vehicle Optimizer Tool can be used to design vehicle loading systems for optimal utilization The Control Tower technology enables us to carry out real-time tracking of vehicles, reduction in transit time and data analytics to optimize utilization.

MLL advocates eenvironmental sustainability measures like green belt/ landscaping, rainwater harvesting and is in the process of implementing them in all large format warehouses.These strategic advantages will include improved service levels, faster turnaround times and better fill rates at lower costs.

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