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The GST regime which is expected to result in a uniform tax across goods and services will change the way industries, logistics and supply chains operate. At MLL, we are fully plugged into the imminent GST era. With a presence in 90 operating locations,  0.92 million (10 million sq.ft.) of warehousing space, several trips per month; a team of qualified and experienced professionals in the driver’s seat, supported by a pan- India network of Business Partners. MLL has a robust technology backbone that prides itself on in-house systems such as TMS, WMS and control tower capabilities.

Our GST ready value proposition is centered on 3 elements:

  • We have an optimal design of the warehouse network, which helps lower total logistics’ expected disruption and helps
       enhance service levels.
  • Our modern warehousing consists of a set-up and operations of large format warehouses for the redesigned network.
       They are enabled with the correct infrastructure and automation.
  • Our Transport solutions are marked by innovations enabled by technology to meet changing transport requirements of
       the new post-GST network.

End-to-end partner

Due to the expected change in business operations companies are looking for GST-ready business partners. MLL can ensure a smooth transition to the redesigned network.

For example, MLL has helped a major telecom player with the re-design of its supply chain network to a post-GST Hub and Spoke model. From 7 warehouses across 5 States, a hub and spoke model with 1 hub, 3 spokes and 2 cross-docks was created. From independent contracts for each warehouse and multiple, need-based WH capacity for project roll-out, standardized contracting coupled with comprehensive plan and roll-out was engineered. From a scenario where there was 30 days inventory at every WH, lower total inventory, that is, only 7 days inventory was achieved at the spokes level. Where there was absence of data on logistics movements and cost, technology (TMS, GPS and WMS) was employed for attaining complete visibility.

The impact of all these was also dramatic:

  • Total warehousing space was reduced by 30%
  • Improvement in TAT for site servicing
  • Reduction in inventory holding cost
  • Overall logistics cost was reduced by ~10%

Transportation requirements

We can handle clients’ changing transportation requirements through our network and technology. For example, through our pan-India network we can provide the most optimal truck types for your transportation needs. Through our route optimization software (RoutePro), we can redesign routes to optimise secondary distribution and improve asset utilization. Our Control Tower technology enables us to carry out real-time tracking of vehicles, reduction in transit time and data analytics to optimize utilization. Our Vehicle Optimizer Tool can design vehicle loading systems to optimize loading design based on route-to- reduce TAT.

We also believe that plant relocation/ consolidation is an opportunity to outsource stores and line feed operations. Guided by the principle of lean operations MLL has modernized warehouses through:

  • In-house tools (WMS, dock scheduling)
  • Mechanization (trolleys, tow trains)
  • Automation (E-Kanban, pick-to- light)

GST Supply chain re-engineering

In the Post-GST scenario, re-engineering your supply chain is going to be the clear pathway for your organization’s growth. MLL can help in:

  • Shaping a new strategic direction of business and set future growth and service objectives.
  • Setting benchmarks for various processes and KPIs in the supply chain.
  • Getting an organization buy-in for the proposed supply chain reconfiguration.
  • Developing and executing a long-term strategic partnership with chosen 3 PL.
  • Developing an implementation map with timelines, high level project plan and resource requirements.
  • Setting up cross-functional steering groups for governance and continuous improvement.


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