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Innovate to Compete

There is a Universal law of change. As per this law, whenever any major disruptive change happens, the majority people buckle under it; crib, cry and protest against it; and eventually lose the battle. However, a few with a winning attitude find out an innovative solution to adapt to the new reality and conquer it.

The proposed indirect tax, the Goods & Services Tax (GST) is seen as a game-changer for the entire Indian industry, but experts believe that its highest impact will be felt by the logistics sector. In the post-GST scenario, while all industry players will need to revamp the way they do business, the logistics sector will have to comprehensively reinvent itself.

Thanks to the culture of innovation ingrained in us, we at MLL, are ready to outsmart this major disruptive change so that we can compete in an intensely competitive marketplace. In a sense, this gives us an opportunity to experience the Darwinian theory of Survival of the Fittest; and therefore, our response to it is “Innovate to Compete”; align with the best practices and move up the learning curve quickly.

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The implementation of GST will not just impact the tax structure and rates, but the entire existing distribution network as well. As a result you will have to relook at your existing distribution network. The GST Calculator will help you calculate savings in the post-GST scenario. It will quantify the % of reduction in the total distribution cost, which will exclude the direct impact of tax rates. The result will comprise of 4 cost heads:

Inventory Cost
Facility Cost
Primary Distribution Cost
Secondary Distribution Cost


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