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e commerce logistics challenges

The X Men and Women of Logistics

A behind the scenes look into how e-commerce deliveries are successfully handled during the peak seasons through technology and experience

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Warehouse Robotics, Automated guided vehicles

Technology enabled Supply Chains is upending Indian Logistics

How disruptive technologies will drive exponential change in logistics cost and productivity.

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Backbone of Indian Logistics

The ‘Driving’ Force in Indian Logistics

The most used transportation in India today to transfer goods, is by road. And the super-humans who drive these vehicles are the drivers that help India move. These drivers who drive our goods across the country are pivotal to the economic growth and are the backbone of the logistics industry. 

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Warehouse Automation – Challenges and Opportunities by Amit Kamat

As the rate of growth in e-commerce is astounding. It has enforced service providers to re-evaluate use of technology, specifically of automation in warehouse.  

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