Mahindra Logistics
Our Business Associates (BA’s)


Our Business Associates (BA’s) are more of partners than associates to us. We work towards their development and are dedicated towards their growth. They have been the best in their category and regions. Mahindra Logistics works very closely with the BA’s to eliminate their practical pain points and also in converting the individual “Best Practices” into company-wide ones.

All our Business Associates are carefully selected after proper due diligence to understand their strengths, growth potential and their will willingness to meet new challenges. Once selected, the Business Associates work very closely with the MLL teams in identifying solutions to the customers’ requirements. Process training and help in technology upgradation is provided on a regular basis to all the Business Associates.

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We realizes that drivers are the backbone of the logistics industry and hence their well being is an indispensable component of our social and environmental imperatives. A healthy driver helps us in ensuring that the goods are delivered in time and with least in-transit issues. A host of programs designed for drivers also helps create a sense of belongingness in them towards the ultimate goal of on-time every-time delivery.
By keeping the drivers connected with the brand philosophy, MLL is able to honor its time commitments to its customers. Regular preventive health check-up camps helps assess the current fitness levels and also points towards any future complications. By making them a part of the brand promise, MLL attempts to infuse a sense of pride and commitment amongst them.