Mahindra Logistics
Inbound and Outbound Logistics Services India


With multiple vehicles plying every month, MLL is well positioned to cater to any transportation requirement across the country. The sheer scale of operations and the technologies deployed ensure that the solutions offered are economically efficient and are also time bound. Our fully integrated system includes services like Shipex TMS system, Automated reporting of KPIs, Consolidation and distribution through cross docks, well defined scheduling and tracking processes etc.

Reduction in secondary transportation cost by 30% per crore sales

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  • Long-haul, inbound, outbound, milk-run
  • Consolidation and distribution through cross docks
  • Network of multi-modal transportation
  • Procurement planning, supplier management
  • Special vehicles 
  • Finished goods yard management
  • 3rd Party procurement services 
  • Inter-city and intra-city distribution
  • Reverse logistics



Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System
Control Tower
Control Tower