Logistics is a vital link that holds many processes together. Supply Chain Management, People Transport Management – no matter what it is, logistics remains a basic need for any business to survive. It is the wheel that enables uninterrupted business activities. A small setback in a single process can hamper the whole process altogether.

At Mahindra Logistics Limited, we realise this. We are determined to create logistics systems that are unique and steadfast, yet flexible enough to fit the needs and demands of any customer.

Understanding that any mistakes on our part can cause untold losses in man hours and profits, has made us responsible partners to many large India and multinational conglomerates. Which means, Mahindra Logistics is the core of your business.

The Core - Manifesto

It is the place where we belong.

Where we do all it takes to keep your business moving.

We are at the core of on time deliveries and optimized assembly lines.

We are at the core of complex supply chains.

We are at the core of streamlined costs and exponential growth.

We are at the core of seamlessly interlinking millions of goods, billions of parts and a world of ideas.